February 2018

It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with this gorgeous family, they have such a chilled attitude to family life! Although Emily and James are not the sort who particularly likes their photos taken, they were totally on board during the shoot as they knew just how important it was to them to document this stage in their life with their three year old daughter Lux. Here’s what Emily had to say about it all:

“They aren’t just family photos, Janni’s photography hangs on our wall as a piece of art. The images are just so beautiful – every single one of them. They capture the everyday moments of fun, laughter, joy and love in our family. I have always been really uncomfortable with having my photo taken and if I’m honest a family photo shoot sounded like my idea of hell. But I really wanted to capture life with our daughter as a special moment in time and Janni spent the day with us finding these absolute gems.

Totally low key and un-intrusive, we barely knew she was there. We adore our photos, beyond all expectation and we will definitely invite Janni back when our daughter gets a little older to capture the next stage of our little lives”.

I’f you’d like to book a family photography shoot like this please contact me here!



I’f you’d like to book a family photography shoot like this please contact me here!



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