Apart from practically loving everything to do with family photography (ok perhaps not the late night editing sessions, but it’s amazing what a cuppa and a biscuit can do to your tired brain!) I love love love getting to know the families. I can’t help but get SO immersed with that particular family’s life. I get to be the fly on the wall, documenting the REAL life of the family I’m photographing. Their personalities, their routine they have perfected (or not in some cases, which is even more fun!); their relationships, their little in jokes, their fave things to do together, their homes and most importantly their love. I love being able to provide the family with a snapshot of their life, as if time stood still that day, little Oliver or little Mary’s personality frozen in time before it changes yet again, moving on to another phase, other interests, other moods. A time capsule!

So last Saturday I was privileged to put 3 year old Arthur in this little magical capsule. His family has over the last few years gone through tragic losses within the family in a very short amount of time, which is so sad. It means that Arthur doesn’t have as many grandparents as perhaps most children, which I resonate with, as my year and a half old only has the one grandparent. Its so sad, and if we could all just change one thing for our child I’m sure this would be it, but this is the reality. And the reality of it, is that my family and Arthurs family are all too aware of how fragile life is, and how important it is to enjoy every day with each other.

Perhaps this is why family photography resonates so much with me. I can give someone else something that they can treasure for the rest of their lives and also pass on to their children and their grandchildren. A little snapshot of how life really was at that particular time. A time capsule.



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