8 top tips for choosing what photos to frame – Family Photographer Bournemouth

So, you’ve had your photo session and you cannot WAIT to see the results. PING! The email from the photographer is in your inbox, with a link to a gallery with over 180 photos. You love them ALL, they’re all so different in their own way and every single photo is part of a big story. How do you choose which ones to frame and put on your wall, it’s going to be impossible!

I’m not going to lie, this selection process is pretty hard, but here’s some tips to help you choose what photos to put on your wall. Of course this is completely subjective, but if you have already checked out my photos and like them, I know you and I will both be on the same page when it comes to picking out the “winners”. These suggestions also apply to the photos you take yourself by the way, so have a read and get some ideas!


1. Which ones immediately stand out?

In the gallery which you receive from your photographer you will be able to mark your favourite photos straight away, then you can narrow them down later. I’m a big believer in love at first sight, which photo pulls your heart strings straight away? These are the images that you are going to love having on your wall in the long term. So flick through the photos don’t overthink it, don’t worry about choosing too many, don’t even think as far ahead as “would this really work on my wall?” Choose which ones catch your eye and makes you feel something.



2. Be bold.

I’d dare go out on a limb and say that 90% of family photos on our wall are those where the whole family are posed in a certain way, all staring into the camera with big beaming smiles. Now whilst there’s definitely a place for this style of photography, but I urge you to resist and be a bit different! Yes, for the “group photo” choose the photos where your whole family is in shot of course (but you can and should still break this rule), but why not choose the one where you are all looking away, or at least not all of you are staring into the camera. Choose the silhouette ones where you can’t  make out your faces or details, but you see all of you in the moment. Or choose the one where daddy is making a coffee in the background and you and the kids are baking, faces full of flour and giggles. Now, that’s a REAL family photograph that you will be proud to display in your home which gives a true snap shot of your family life.



3. Be artistic

When you come to chose which photos to get printed and framed, be creative and look for a bit of art for your walls. As you flick through the photos, look out for different compositions and photos with interesting light. There may be a photo with some “negative space”, with your toddler only occupying a third of the frame or even less, but it looks different, a bit more unusual than your standard portrait. Or you may find a photo with half your sons face in the shade with his beautiful blue eyes popping out in the only bit of light in the photo. Yes, you can’t see his whole face, but this is the point. This will be the photo that will intrigue everyone when they see it on your wall. Again, images that are a bit more unusual than your bog standard “face-the-camera-and-cheese-within-a-standard-composition”, creates mystery, interest and emotion, and well, they look good!




4. Interaction

This is one of my most passionate reasons for even getting into family photography in the first place. I love, love, love watching different families interact with each other, it’s so interesting to watch and little things you never would have thought taking a picture of, will look amazing on your wall. Take, for example, a close up of daddy wiping  down his daughter’s hands after her taking a tumble. Or the whole family comforting the youngest after she ran head first into her brother. Or mummy habitually pulling back her toddler’s hair as she’s holding a cuppa and chatting to daddy across the kitchen counter. The interaction between siblings is also so much fun to capture, and so important to have displayed in your home.  They evoke emotion and memories like no other photo can. I cannot stress how beautiful these little meaningful moments will look on your wall.

Elliott Hi Res-94


documentary family photography Bournemouth sisters portrait siblings

5. Character and individuality

Is your little boy the biggest joker in the world who loves pulling faces and playing tricks on everyone? Is your daughter a little shy and pensive? Everyone’s unique and everyone has their own personality even from when they’re babies. These personalities are bound to come out at a photo session and a good photographer should recognize these traits and capture them for you. I have heard parents tell their children not to pull funny faces in front of the camera and granted, you don’t want to end up with hundreds of those, however, firstly getting them out of the way makes the children relax but they also make for great photos, full of character and personality. I’m the kind of person who would definitely have a photo on my wall of my daughter pulling a hilarious face. After all, it would make me giggle every time I look at it, so why not?!


6. Quality printing

Right, this is an absolute must. When you have chosen your images and you are ready to get them printed, please, please do not go to the high street to get them printed. Yes you may save a few bob, but honestly, the difference in print quality from Asda to a professional printing lab is huge and you will be disappointed. I know this is the boring bit, but it’s important if you want your prints to be the same standard of the vibrant images in your gallery. Your photographer’s computer is colour calibrated to their professional print lab’s computers, so what you see on the screen is what is printed. No muddy colours, skin tone will be correct and all detail will be there and the paper quality is of a far higher standard. Most photographers will include a number of print options in their packages anyway, but if not, just drop them a line and they will always be happy to sort some good quality prints out for you. Trust me, your photographer will not want you to have a poor quality framed print of their work displayed!

7. Have fun!

I will write a separate blog about framing and displaying your precious family moments, however, I just wanted to give a couple of pointers that I believe will help you in your decision making. You DON’T have to frame your photos like everyone else does. You DON’T have to print on canvas if you don’t like it. You DON’T have to have a photo gallery wall with lots of different types of frames, if that’s not you. There are SO many ideas of Pinterest on how to display your photos, check some of them out here. One thing which I am a huge fan of, as well as printing large images on aluminium panels (simple and beautiful, more on this in a later blog), is displaying the narrative of the day. For example, I received a vast amount of photos from my amazing wedding photographer Amanda Thomsen, and as every photo was divine, I had an “instagram” poster printed and framed with 35 images, telling the story of the day. It hangs in my hallway and everyone has a peek at it when they walk in and remember the happenings of the day. I will change this poster when I get bored of it, as I have bucketloads of amazing images from that day! There are many more ways of displaying multiple photos. It’s all about storytelling and having the flexibility to change it up when you want. Just have some fun and be brave!

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