The UK went into lockdown on the 23rd March this year in an unprecedented step to attempt to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. It really has been a steep learning curve to learn how to change our behaviour to keep ourselves and others safe, but I’m grateful to say that so far, everyone I know is safe and sound.

If I’m honest I was slightly dreading looking after two young children full time and yes, whilst it’s hectic and the days fly by so fast, I really enjoy it. It has been projects galore for the first 4 weeks of lockdown with the iffy weather, we’re talking the Fairy Garden project, several egg crate projects (The Sea Scape was my fave) and teaching Flo a few letters (letter spotting on car number plates on our daily exercise is our new favourite game). When the days became warmer, the pressure of “projects” teetered off (late at night I found myself googling “Toddler Activities, Kids Fun Stuff to Do Indoors, Toddler Learning, How to Build a Den with Sheets, Toilet Roll Crafts to prepare for the next day’s activities!) So now the summer has arrived, we spend most of our day in the garden or on social distance walks/scootering/biking, looking for bugs and having our mid morning snacks on the toad stools in the Fairy Garden.



Now the restrictions have lifted a little and we are allowed more than just the one hour of exercise a day, we have been taking slightly longer walks and a couple of days ago I jumped out of bed, grabbed Flo, swimsuit and a piece of toast and we head down to the beach at 7am before it got busy. Frida and daddy stayed in bed for a bit longer but I’m determined to try and get everyone down there at least once this summer! You shouldn’t think it would be that difficult with living 8 minutes from the beach right?! But getting TWO kids ready AND a husband who “doesn’t like mornings”down there before 8am is a herculean effort..!

What I’ve enjoyed recently is the window display of children’s artwork, it’s something that I will take away from these strange times; take a hike fridges, windows and doors are taking over, plus driveways and pavements!


I finished my maternity leave end of March so was rearing to go and photograph more lovely families, but alas, that was not to be. But for now, I shall be taking lots of photographs of my own family, which is great as they normally get neglected by my camera!



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