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My Style

My style is documentary and non-intrusive. I don’t do studio photography. After all, who remembers that day in the photo studio where you tried to get your toddler to sit still for more than 5 minutes or your baby to look squeaky clean just after gulping up most of the milk you’ve just given him? Ok, yes we might remember that day, but not with fondness! My aim is always to capture the essence of your family’s life, with all it’s messiness, tantrum-ing, laughs and giggles. It’s all about embracing the fact that REAL is better than perfect. And once you have these images, you can look back in 20 years at all the madness and fun and really truly remember what it was all about. Kids grow up so fast, so to be able to preserve those “ordinary” natural family moments is so worth it.


“The only difference between an extra ordinary life and an ordinary one is the extraordinary pleasures you can find in ordinary things”.


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My Approach

When you book the shoot I will send you out a questionnaire to get to know you and your family better and together we will work out a few activities that we may do in the photo session, but generally we go with the flow. I don’t direct but I encourage a lot of mucking about, being silly and basically just having some fun family time whilst I snap away. We obviously can’t keep up silliness for hours, thats way too hard work, so things like reading a book, having dinner or bath timer all moments that yes, every family does, but you do it YOUR way and that’s what I’m here to capture.

If you fancy getting out and about, say you go to the woods a lot as a family, well then, tell me on the questionnaire and we shall go to the woods and preserve that memory too. Or if you normally spend hours playing in the garden, well let’s stick that in a time capsule too!



Emily – Bristol

“They aren’t just family photos, Janni’s photography hangs on our wall as a piece of art. The images are just so beautiful – every single one of them. They capture the everyday moments of fun, laughter, joy and love in our family. I have always been really uncomfortable with having my photo taken and if I’m honest a family photo shoot sounded like my idea of hell. But I really wanted to capture life with our daughter as a special moment in time and Janni spent the day with us finding these absolute gems.

Totally low key and un-intrusive, we barely knew she was there. We adore our photos, beyond all expectation and we will definitely invite Janni back when our daughter gets a little older to capture the next stage of our little lives”.

Fiona – Poole

“I loved that Janni had the children wrapped around her little finger straight away, I think because she was so friendly, got down to their level and didn’t boss them around.  She made it very clear that we were to just enjoy ourselves, pretend she wasn’t there, and embrace our time with the kids.  We spent a good couple of hours together, looking at plants, popping leaves in the stream, chasing the kids around trees and even stopping for snack time.  Janni captured things I didn’t see and even little Lucy’s tears when she fell over and needed a cuddle from Daddy.

Janni is a mother herself and completely understands that it’s often us Mums that have the camera out and rarely end up being in the picture unless it’s a rushed selfie.  No matter how many times I remind my husband to take a snap of myself with the kids he rarely ever does and my catalogue of family photos hardly have any of me in so I was very excited to put my camera away and just enjoy playing with the children”.

Janet – Bournemouth

“I was really impressed when I met Janni and saw her in action. She had an exceptionally lovely and professional manner with my toddler. Within minutes he was happy to play and responded to her very caring and fun sense of being.Janni is very thorough and although kept threatening to “only take one more picture”, she couldn’t seem to stop! Her passion and talent for photography is very apparent and the shots taken were so natural. Some of the moments she captured are so precious and the editing is amazing. I would definitely recommend Janni Atherton Photography”.

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