Day in The life of the Pugh’s

I had the pleasure of documenting family life as it happened on a semi sunny Saturday in February, in the Pugh’s household. It was a relaxed day, really we just ;spent the whole day eating and chatting, I hardly remember taking these photos! The camera was just hanging off my shoulder and as I felt moments were about to happen or indeed, my favourite moments; the so-called “non-moments’, happened in front of me I’d pick up the camera and shoot. I wasn’t looking for the perfect shot, THAT shot of mum and dad and daughter all smiling at each other flawlessly, a background of creamy bokeh (Basically, yeah, nice out of focus background, which to be fair, I AM a sucker for that) preferably with a nature-esque feel to it, preferably with a robin bathing in the nearby birdbath; an image denoting love, freedom, tranquility and being at one with life, motherhood, daddy hood, parenthood all so blissful and easy. NAH. Real life is what I want to shoot. The moment your 3 year old topples the table on your foot and daddy’s face in agony, followed by the biggest smile and immediate forgiveness (This happened, tick), the saliva filled kisses for mummy gratefully received albeit with a discreet wipe of said mummy mouth immediately afterwards, the moment the whole bowl of yogurt is thrown on the floor in a pre pre pre pre teen tantrum or was it a post post two year old one (?). The setting of the table, the brushing of teeth, the getting dressed, the getting ready, the playing, the laughing, the tantrums, the tiredness and the normality of every day life. Why in the world would I not want to document these moments exactly as they happen, in accordance with real life. Because these are the moments that we will want to remember in years to come, and we will relish in studying every photograph closely to reminisce about our children happy but chaotic childhood and our early years of parenthood.

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