“Janni’s portrait of our family capture the everyday moments of fun, laughter, joy and love in our little world. TOTALLY LOW-KEY AND UN-INTRUSIVE, we barely knew she was there. We adore our photos, beyond all expectation and we will definitely invite Janni back when our daughter gets a little older to capture the next stage of our little lives”. – Emily

“I loved that Janni had the children wrapped around her little finger straight away, she was so friendly, got down to their level and didn’t boss them around.  She made it very clear that we were to just enjoy ourselves, pretend she wasn’t there, and embrace our time with the kids.  We spent a good couple of hours together, looking at plants, popping leaves in the stream, chasing the kids around trees and even stopping for snack time.  Janni is a mother herself and completely understands that it’s often us mothers that have the camera out and us MUMS RARELY END UP BEING IN THE PICTURE UNLESS IT’S A RUSHED SELFIE, so I was very excited to put my camera away and just enjoy playing with the children”. – Fiona

“I was really impressed when I met Janni and saw her in action. She had an exceptionally lovely and professional manner with my toddler. Within minutes he was happy to play and responded to her very caring and fun sense of being. Janni is very thorough and although kept threatening to “only take one more picture”, she couldn’t seem to stop! SOME OF THE MOMENTS SHE CAPTURED ARE SO PRECIOUS. I would definitely recommend her!”. – Janet


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